Thursday, 25 January 2018


HSBC Bank (Vietnam) Ltd. (HSBC Vietnam) has made settling credit card payments more convenient than ever thanks to a new cooperation with VietUnion Online Services Corporation (VietUnion). Now, customers can easily, and quickly, pay off their HSBC credit card balance using VietUnion’s payment solution, Payoo, which is available in convenience stores and retail outlets nationwide.

From 15 January 2017, HSBC credit card holders just need to follow a few simple steps at any retail outlet offering Payoo — they will request to pay off their HSBC Credit Card, swipe their card, check the payment details when printed, then settle up by paying cash.

This convenience is now available at Circle K, Ministop, Aeonmall, GS25, Household Pico, Household HC, Mediamart, and Hoang Ha Mobile. The network will grow to 5,000 shops by March 2018 with the participation of more retail chains, making a wider choice for HSBC credit card holders.

This represents one more out-of-branch channel for HSBC’s customers to settle credit card payments along with internet banking or using the bank’s multifunctional ATMs. The movement is in line with the bank’s strategy to continually offer customers more simplicity, flexibility and security when using HSBC credit cards.

This time, it is even more meaningful as it represents cooperation between a  leading international bank in Vietnam and one of the country’s most innovative fintech companies to meet the rapidly changing needs of customers for the most convenient and modern financial services.

“Today’s customers expect to have modern banking experience and desire easy access to products and services with added values. With the great source of benefits that we offer with our HSBC credit card and the swift payment settlement now available via Payoo, we have been able to optimise customer experience to meet contemporary needs,” says Sabbir Ahmed, Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management, HBSC Vietnam.

“As always, customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. This latest offering is another example of how we constantly seek to adapt and anticipate the needs of our customers in this fast evolving technology world,” adds Sabbir Ahmed.

In order to bring the bank closer to its customers, HSBC Group works closely with dozens of technology companies and research institutions around the world to advance its own digital capabilities. In line with the group’s approach, HSBC Vietnam has actively ramped up its digitalisation by applying HSBC’s global solutions while exploring solutions developed by local fintech companies – the cooperation with VietUnion is a prime example and just the beginning. 

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