As most of you might be aware, the coming Tết is the most important festival of our Vietnamese calendar. It marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year and a time for renewal. Festivities occur throughout the country, but this is a family holiday and many of the observances take place at home.
The last day of the old year (15 Feb) and the first three days of the New Year (16-17-18 Feb) are the most important days of the celebration. On New Year’s Eve, families gather for dinner, with all members being present. The Giao Thừa (New Year Eve) at midnight, is the most sacred time with the passage from the old to the New Year. Individuals offer personal prayers to honour and thank the God of Heaven and the God of Earth for their blessings.

As an appreciation before the coming New Year, the BBGV team would like wish all our members, clients and partners a prosperous Lunar New Year of 2018.

The BBGV office will be closed for the Lunar New Year from Wednesday 14th February and will reopen on Wednesday 21st February. If your enquiry is URGENT please call +84 90 241 5530 or alternatively email

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