Standing apart isn’t that easy in the current landscape. There are businesses competing for your attention both online and offline. It’s hard to cut through the noise and know who’s really genuine. A lot of businesses are using marketing techniques to reach potential customers, but not all of them are doing it right.
It’s a tough space that requires a dedicated strategy and employees to deliver results. You goal is to attract your customers and not confuse them. Work hard to give your company a reason to standout and one that’ll draw in positive reactions. See five ways to distinguish your business through marketing tactics.


Create a website that brings your business to life. You want one that immediately pulls in the customers and makes them want to learn more about you. Design a catchy logo and company colours that attract your target audience. Include important information the customer needs to sign up for your services or contact you with questions.

Email marketing isn’t dead. It’s a valuable tool if used correctly. Stand apart by using marketing automation tools that reach the right customers at the right times. Connect with clients over email to wish them a happy birthday, or thank them for purchasing an item on your website. Hit them at just the perfect moment and they’ll instantly feel special and like a valued customer.

Social Media
Open social media accounts and start engaging with your target audience. Don’t build a social media following and disappear. To set yourself apart you have to go above and beyond what other companies are doing. Host contests and give your audience behind-the-scenes exclusive coverage of your events or product launch. Use social media to answer their questions and collect user generated content that you can highlight later.

Relationship Building
Be mindful not to implement your marketing strategy and hide behind a computer. Your clients are real people who need attention. Call them up on the phone or have them come into the office for a meeting. Start to build relationships with prospects and customers. You want to build trust and have them believe in your product or service. Strong relationships are a competitive advantage that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Online Advertising
Run online advertisements that spark interest in the user. Define the goal of your ad before you launch it. Be specific about who you’re targeting and what action they should take when they see your advertisement. Enhance your creativity and have writers come up with your text. You usually don’t have much space to work with, so it’s important to be smart about what goes on your advertisement. Make them look professional and enticing enough to click. Catch the user’s attention so they remember who you are and will search you on the Internet to find your website.

It’s important to get out in front of your potential customers and clients consistently. You can’t rely on luck for them to find you. These are five ways to distinguish your business through marketing tactics.


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