Few things can please like steak and cheese

Caravelle Saigon

Thursday, 20 Oct 2016

Immortalised from the lyrics of Bruce Springsteen to the image of Rocky Balboa running up museum steps, everyone has a different image in mind when they think of Philadelphia. In terms of food, there’s no debate that the city’s most famous culinary export is the Philly Cheese Steak, and now you can enjoy it at Saigon Saigon Bar. Our mouth-watering foot long masterpiece features Beef Chuck Eye on a French Baguette, with the obligatory onions, bell peppers, sautéed mushrooms and a melted Provolone cheese sauce that make this a favourite worldwide. Accompanied with spicy fries and a corn and blue cheese salad, our Philly Cheese Steak will make you think you are in the City of Brotherly Love.

Saigon Saigon Bar – Rooftop via 9th Floor
For more information, please contact (84) 906 900 523 or email: [email protected]