Dragon Capital endorses the London Stock Exchange


Tuesday, 12 Jul 2016

Dragon Capital has demonstrated its belief that London will continue as a preeminent financial centre post Brexit by listing its flagship fund on the Main Board of the London Stock Exchange on July 5th 2016.
Vietnam Enterprise Investment Limited launched in 1995 is the longest running fund with a focus on Vietnam and one of the largest, which invests primarily in listed and pre-IPO companies in Vietnam that offer attractive growth and value metrics, and strong corporate governance. One of the reasons for moving to London, according to Dragon Capital’s Executive Chairman, Dominic Scriven, was to raise the profile of the fund and attract greater coverage from financial and market analysts.
It is also expected that the listing will create a more transparent and liquid market for the shares making it more attractive to investors.
One of the problems faced by many Vietnam funds is that they trade well below Net Asset Value and one of the reasons for this is the lack of liquidity. A London Main Board listing is potentially a way to reduce this gap between trading price and net asset value.
BBGV is proud to have Dragon Capital as an active member and their legal adviser Tom Vaizey as Vice Chairman.

Kenneth M Atkinson