BBGV 2015 AGM and Board Announcement


Wednesday, 02 Dec 2015

Following from the AGM held on Tuesday 24th November at Le Meriden Hotel in HCMC and Hilton Opera House Hotel in Hanoi, we would like to announce the results of the election of the Officers of the BBGV Board as follows;

Chair                                 Ken Atkinson
Vice Chair (HCMC)            Tom Vaizey
Vice Chair (Hanoi)            Chris Jeffrey
Treasurer                          Rick Yvanovich

The other board members are

HCMC:                                  Hanoi:
Paul Cleves                          Alex Falter
Jane Manley                         Tri-Mai Hoang
Fiona Nichols                        Richard Leech   
Tom Nguyen                         Anthony Rowlands
Nigel Piper
Hugh Sykes

The membership were asked to cast their vote on the following amendment to the constitution:


15.2 Subject to the other provisions of this Article, Board Members elected at the Annual General Meeting in 2015 shall serve until the Annual General Meeting to be held in 2017. At the Annual General Meeting in 2017, half of all Board Members shall be elected until the Annual General Meeting occurring two years thereafter, and half shall be elected until the Annual General Meeting to be held one year thereafter, with the terms to be selected by lot.

42 votes were cast from 10 Ordinary SME/Individual and 16 Ordinary Corporate votes (the constitution allows two votes from an Ordinary Corporate member). Of the 42 votes cast 71.4% were for (30 votes) and 29.6% against (12 votes) against. Therefore, the motion was carried and the constitution will be amended accordingly.