DO NOT MISS: Opportunities to promote your business on BBGV communication channels

advertising opportunities1


Let’s bring your business to the network of British Business in Vietnam via the BBGV communication channels that offer a range of advertising and sponsorship opportunities including:

1) Weekly E-newsletter: The BBGV e-newsletter is circulated on weekly basis to over 3,000 subscribers (over 60% of them are manager level and above) nationwide including BBGV members. For examples of BBGV weekly e- newsletter, please visit here.

2) BBGV website The BBGV website with new calendar function and online membership portal has around 8,000 to 12,000 pageviews/month. We have recently launched our Business Centre sub page which features information about services to facilitate better trade ties between companies in the UK and Vietnamese companies. 

For more details about the opportunities and booking, please see attached the rate card and submission form.

If you are interested in our communication channels or would like to discuss more, feel free to contact Thanh at [email protected] or call 08 3829 8430.