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BBGV supports The Economist South-East Asia Summit 2015



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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The BBGV is pleased to support The Economist South-East Asia Summit 2015 on August 20th 2015 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


The second South-East Asia Summit will examine critical issues for the region—political, economic and social—and explore what they mean for business. The Economist editorial team who engage industry experts and high-level stakeholders will ensure content at the forum and any potential outcomes are relevant and substantive. Please click here to view last year’s executive summary.


Why attend?
South-East Asia Summit brings together a range of stakeholders operating in or with vested interests in the region under discussion, creating a unique opportunity for business leaders, politicians, policy-makers and academics to debate new ways of dealing with― the region’s old and emerging issues


Audience feedback
96% said this event was either better or equal compared with other similar events attended
94% said the overall organization met or exceeded their expectations
94% said they would recommend this event to others or a colleague


Audience testimonials
“Top quality, as you would expect from The Economist.”
“A must for everyone who needs to know how ASEAN business and society will develop.”
“A very strong group, engaged and constructive, insightful dialogue.”


For more information and registration, please visit here. Members of BBGV can enjoy a 20% discount off the standard rate (Code: BBGV)


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