“Safe Crossing” project 2011/2012

+ This project aims at children in 5 communes of Long My district that will directly benefit from the building of concrete bridges near schools and health centres. It will help 100% of the children can safely cross the river without fear of falling, therefore providing them safer and quicker access to schools and health care centres. The list of the number of students of the 5 communes that would benefit from concrete bridges.

Communes Kindergartens Primary schools Secondary schools Total
Tra Long 104 450 458 1512
Vinh Vien A 95 440 190 725
Tan Phu 225 926 1151
Vinh Vien 434 1362 630 2426
Long Phu 263 994 676 1933
Total 7747

+This project also aims at the poorest of the communities, especially of women, and elders. These villages have a high level of poverty and have an average income of less than US$ 14.4 per month per person. This project will be directly helping 10,149 households of five communes (Tra Long: 1056; Vinh Vien A: 1592, Tan Phu: 2205, Vinh Vien: 2964, Long Phu: 2332) in 16 communes of Long My and Phung Hiep districts are supporting the building concrete bridges in the purpose of fighting against poverty. Fuel cost will also be reduced because there will be shorter routes and local people save money.

+ The villagers, especially men and youth are living around during construction to promote volunteer spirit in rural areas.

+ Women are direct beneficiaries of this project as they will raise fund to contribute to the building of the concrete bridge. It will help improve the standard of living for extremely poor households. With higher income, there will be less chance of domestic violence due to financial stress. The Long My Women Union will be involved in this project to ensure the community’s participation. In addition, the Women’s Union will regularly visit to observe the building concrete bridge.

+ The indigenous people will faster access to public services so that they can save their time as much as half of hour. The indigenous peoples participate in the decision-making for the project.


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