Medical Assistance Program

Project title: Medical Assistance Program

Organisation name: Christina Noble Children’s Foundation

The Medical Assistance Program provides sick and disadvantaged children with vital medical support to provide them a better quality of life, especially in health aspect. Medical support includes financial assistance and health care counseling for the children and their families in the program.

The program currently focuses on providing children with vital medical care through the following key interventions:

– With the collaboration of the Children’s hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City, we offer financial support to sick and disadvantaged children who are in need of vital medical treatment. With support from the program, the child will receive a prompt and precise diagnosis, as well as optimal treatment at these hospitals.

– After being discharged from hospitals, the program will provide further healthcare advices to the child and his/her family about better practice in caring for the child’s health at home. The program also encourages the family to better utilize the public health care system that is provided by the government.

– The program assists group of the disadvantaged provincial children with Health Insurance cards.

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BBGV supported for 26 children in 2012/13

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