Green library and environment

Project title: Green library and environment
Organisation name: Thien Chi, community support and development center
Project’s location: Ham Thuan Nam, Binh Thuan Province

14 local primary schools (5200 students) in the Hàm Thuận Nam district have a green library, enhancing their students literacy levels and improving their knowledge. Besides, they
have shady areas in playgrounds which will also provide suitable sites for future green libraries for 5200 students.

“My school‘s library is very small. It isn’t comfortable when reading and there are few students going to the library to read. Since having green library, it is fresh and comfortable while reading. I like the green library so much because it makes my school become more beautiful. Under fresh tree in the break, many students are interested in reading book together, so I like so much” (student Pham Anh To Nga).

The management boards of the primary schools also highly praise the green library program. This program achieves a practical solution which is suitable for the schools’ needs. It also has great impact on awareness of maintaining books of students and creates a comfortable place for the students to read.


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