In 2015, BBGV sponsored the ‘New washing up and kitchen equipment’ project for Children’s House in District 8 - HCMC. The new washing up and kitchen facilities and equipment will benefit many boys aged 8 to 18 who are living in this orphanage. The facilities enable the boys to wash up in hygienic conditions, to improve the safety of the kitchen and reduce the wastage. Founded in 1993, Children’s House is a boy shelter in District 8. This is a very small orphanage, with only street boys aged from 8 - 16 years old. It offers an opportunity for street children to leave the streets and to live together in a family-like environment. All the children go to local schools, and some of the older boys also decided to work locally as employees in small businesses or factories. Some also attend vocational training courses. Those who have a job are encouraged to save their earning for their future, and to contribute something towards their living costs in the house. The main objectives of the project are to give the children a solid foundation for the future through education and job training or apprenticeships, and to help to be re-integrated with their family or to eventually lead an independent life.










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