Drowning is the leading cause of death for children aged 0-19 in Vietnam, meaning  the country has the highest number of drownings in SE Asia and one of the highest globally.  The Vietnamese Ministry of Health statistics from 2014 give a figure of 10 children drowning a day – the equivalent of a plane crash of children every month.

The Vietnamese authorities estimate that less than one third of children know how to swim, especially in the Red River Delta area. Understanding the significance of this issue, BBGV joined hand with Hue Help in August 2018 to provide swimming safety equipment (including anti slip matting, foam rescue tubes, first aid kit, rescue ropes, whistles, reaching poles, lifebuoys, underwater pool platform and safety signs) for  “Survival Swimming Training for Teachers and follow-on lessons for Children” at Tien Duoc B Primary School, Soc Son district, Hanoi. The equipment and swimming teaching material help to ensure safety for the children during swimming lessons at the school. The equipment will be used not just for the training programme but also during the daily operation of the pool for future school years.

During six intensive days, 12 teachers learnt swimming teaching methodologies, rescue skills, survival skills and basic life support skills up to international standards. In feedback from teacher Nguyễn Anh Sinh, he stated that the programme was useful and meaningful, and it gave him useful knowledge and skills for teaching children how to swim and also rescue skills.

The newly qualified teachers have started running 18 lessons plan for 40 children on survival swimming and land-based rescue skills. During the course, the children have learnt 3 swimming strokes in both front and back position, survival skills such as floatation and treading water, as well as learning about safety around the water and land-based rescue skills.

Hue Help, Hanoi Department of Education and Training, and Tien Duoc B Primary school are all sincerely grateful for the contribution and opportunity that the BBGV Charity fund offered to the building capacity at the school to ensure water safety and awareness for the children which is now expanding in many schools in Hanoi.
BBGV is aims to raise more than 2 billion VND every year to support charitable projects benefiting the Vietnamese people throughout our fund-raising events. To meet this goal, we are calling for sponsorship and participation in our Bling Charity Ball as one of our key charity events on Saturday 6th April at The Reverie hotel. By taking part in this annual event you not only enjoy a fun Saturday night with colorful costumes, music, dancing and great food, but also could be helping us assist those most needy people in our community.
In order to maintain a high standard to this important work on behalf of our members, BBGV takes a 10% management contribution of funds raised.
For more details, please visit: https://bbgv.org/events/bbgv-bling-charity-ball/  or contact Anh at anh.ho@bbgv.org for more clarifications.









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