Rapid development in Vietnam in the last decades has brought wealth to the country, with expansion of industrial zones at the expense of agriculture land. The diminishing agricultural zones can hardly satisfy demand of the growing population. This situation has led to the increased use of hazardous chemicals to boost food production, including overuse of pesticides and herbicides, and injection of growth hormones in cattle. These chemicals not only damage consumers’ health but also negatively affect public morale and environment. To ameliorate the situation, Ho Chi Minh City’s Food Safety Management Board is hosting the Green Expo 2018 in partnership with Fire Phoenix Ltd.


Green Expo 2018 will last for 4 days from 25 to 28 January 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The expo will offer opportunities to find B2B and B2C distributing partners. Companies attending the event can also connect directly with end customers, invite them to use samples and conduct surveys to better understand their needs. Attendees include manufacturers of food and non-food products in Vietnam, importers of organic and/or natural products and service providers in technology and distribution of above products.


UK companies interested in partnership, display and sponsorship can contact Ms. Tran Nguyen Anh- Project Manager at +83 903 38 7472 or sales.greenexpo@firephoenix.vn.








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