Da Nang is the fourth largest city of Vietnam in terms of economic development. It is also the most vibrant city in Central Vietnam, which has offered appealing business environment for foreign investors. Da Nang is selected to host the upcoming APEC Leaders’ Week 2017, providing a great opportunity for the city to introduce its advantages to international partners.


Established by the Da Nang People’s Committee, the Da Nang Investment Promotion Agency (IPA Da Nang) is responsible for promoting business opportunities, and facilitating domestic and foreign investment in Da Nang city. IPA Da Nang has developed a sustainable relationship with the city authorities and reliable partnership with foreign investors.


In the meeting, IPA Da Nang representatives presented their current priority investment sectors, including infrastructure, tourism, history, education and training, and real estate.


Regarding the infrastructure, according to Ms Huynh Lien Phuong, the Vice Director of Da Nang IPA, facilities funded by public private partnership (PPP) is “the way forward” as this sector is capital-intensive, which requires joint investments from cross sectors.


Higher education and vocational training, in addition, are the areas that have enormous demands for British export. As Da Nang has shifted to high value-added sectors while fostering international integration, there are increasing needs for qualified labour force to meet international standards. The highly prioritised sectors of training are high-tech and medical equipment. In this regard, Da Nang is calling for investments in ICT sectors, which paves a great opportunity for programming and design training.


Recognising the great potentials of Da Nang as a driving force of the Central Economic Zone in Vietnam, BBGV Vice Chairman, Christopher Jeffery, reassured the investment interest of UK companies in Vietnam, which is now expanding out of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. Specifically, UK companies are competent in delivering services and high-end technologies, which can be valuable for knowledge transfer to Vietnam.

Mr Jeffery also suggested piloting business webinar in Da Nang, a new and convenient tool to “get the words out that Da Nang has great potentials to develop”. In that sense, “Da Nang will be at the forefront of promoting itself to international partners.”


Following the meeting, BBGV will attend the Investment Da Nang 2017 Forum on 29-30 September, 2017.








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