Overall, from the 5 companies I met with during my visit to Vietnam, 3 were already known to me (and provided to BBGV for evaluation, whilst the other 2 were then effectively ‘new’ to me. I had hoped for some more companies to review and evaluate, but my total of 5 has given me a good cross section. Without knowing the market further, I cannot say if these are the right partners (otherwise no need to do the OMIS itself!), but am hopeful for some new business. If anything, the week gave me a fantastic opportunity to really start to understand the local pharmaceutical market, and the opportunity it could hold for my company. The organisation from the local BBGV team was exceptional (especially from An), and this was undoubtedly the highlight of the week, making the whole process extremely easy for me, and I am personally extremely grateful for this assistance.

Mark Vallance – Head of International Business Development












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