Charity Projects

In 2016, we have supported the following projects:

  • Donated for Saigon Children Charity
  • Medical Assistance Programme 2014/15′ (CNCF) Sep 2015 – May 2016
  • Donated for Huong La Centre
  • Library project in Tra Vinh province
  • Funding for “Give Smiles – Save Lives” project
  • Medical Assistance Programme 2014/15′ (CNCF) June 2016
  • Funding for “Books for the Library at Ben San Leprosy Centre and Scholarships for 80 students” project

In 2015, we have supported the following projects:

In 2014, we supported the following projects:

  • Christina Noble Children’s Foundation – Medical Assistance Programme
  • Hagar International Vietnam – Support to Vietnamese victims of abuse and exploitation through personal development and training
  • Operations for Smiles – Children from Southern Vietnam
  • Saigon Children’s Charity – University/College Scholarships for 12 young people
  • Thien Chi Centre for Community Support and Development – Computer skills for students in rural districts

Please also see below the projects that we supported before 2013:

With your help, We look forward to reporting back on BBGV’s contributions on improving the lives of the least fortunate members of our society.

For more information, please contact Nga at [email protected], or if you want to discuss a potential application, please contact a member of our charity sub-committee.