Message from our Chairman

Tom Nguyen,

BBGV Chairman.


A very warm welcome to the BBGV!

At the start of 2015, our organisation underwent a complete revamp of brand. This was no slick cosmetic make-over or PR exercise but a resounding statement of change in focus and strategy. Beyond the lively BBGV network and social forums and events over the years, we are today totally committed to promoting the trade and business activities of our members in the increasingly vibrant and prosperous UK-Vietnam corridor. In short, our mission today is to be “a leading international Chamber of Commerce, primarily facilitating value-added business links to the UK, whilst building a local reputation as a responsible community organisation for networking and social events.”

Our 2014 achievements for our members to date have been phenomenal:
•    60 business, social, charity events
•    Raised VND 1bnillion VND for charities
•    Membership base increase of 5%
•    3 new corporate sponsors
•    New accounting and appraisal system
•    New website and communities & social media plan….and much, much more!

BBGV Board
Our new BBGV Board today is a dynamic, deeply committed and highly energised group of professionals and entrepreneurs who are well versed in the fields of education, banking/finance, asset management, real estate, engineering, manufacturing, oil and gas, accounting, tax etc. Each of us has a deep understanding of your daily challenges in doing business in Vietnam and more importantly are is to give sound advice and practical solutions based on extensive experience and knowledge.

Please reach out to any of us or Wai Kit Ho, Executive Director and Sue Kemp, Assistant Director and their excellent team.

UK Business Centre
A modern refurbished office, fully equipped with computer/internet access, coffee machine, business journals as well as valuable meeting
room space, we are well and truly open for business so come and take advantage of these resources.
Its remarkable success during the 9 months of operation:
•    7 webinars
•    over 200 service deliveries
•    generated over GBP21,000 of revenues
•    30 business opportunities

Accreditation by British Chambers of Commerce (BCC)
In March 2015, the BBGV was officially accredited by the BCC, after much hard work from the teams at the BBGV and the UKTI. Aside the fantastic vote of confidence, what does this mean to the BBGV and its members?

•    Association and Access to Networks: the BBGV will be part of an extensive BCC accredited business network in the UK and overseas;
•    Grant Requirement: Accreditation is an essential requirement for the UK Government’s grant agreement and future grant/contract negotiations; and
•    Creditability and Trust: Any potential customer requiring assistance will have confidence in the BBGV’s ability and capability in delivering a quality service.

Today, we have the right team and strategy. With the right level of engagement and support from our key partners, the UK Embassy, the UKTI, the Consulate General, and not least from you our members, we will deliver a better service for your business.

Tom Nguyen,

BBGV Chairman.