Chairman’s Message

Dear Member,

Welcome to the British Business Group Vietnam (“BBGV”). We appreciate and value your membership and support.

The BBGV has developed from a small luncheon group, to a fully fledged business group, in less than 10 years. We were one of the first business groups to be licensed by the Vietnamese Authorities in 1998 and we have had a full time Secretariat since 1996. This development has only come about due to the commitment and support of the members, the time so generously given by those who have served on the committee and the dedication of the Secretariat.

The BBGV has and continues to enjoy a close working relationship with both the British Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City and with the British Embassy in Hanoi. This relationship is vital in representing the views of British Business both in Vietnam and with the British Trade International and Trade Partners UK.

We always have under review the services and activities that members want and we ask for your continuing support and input into this process. In a developing country like Vietnam, the needs of members are continually changing as the size of the expatriate community changes and the local social and business infrastructure improves. The challenge is to retain our flexibility and to continue to improve the quality and delivery of services to members. The Committee and Secretariat can only do this with your help and input.

Finally, the Committee does put in considerable time and effort, at a time when almost all of us are finding greater demands on our time. Anyone who is interested to offer their services on a project basis or for committee work is encouraged to do so and to register their interest with me or any committee member.

Welcome and we look forward to your active participation.

Patrick Regis
Chairman BBGV, 2010

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