Mission statement

Our mission is to promote British business and cultural interests in Vietnam, including:

  • To assist and co-operate with the local and national Vietnamese authorities in establishing a clear and fair framework of laws and regulations conducive to business development in Vietnam;
  • To collate business and other relevant information for the benefit of Members;
  • To work with relevant organisations to promote improvements to the infrastructure in order to create suitable conditions for Members and their families living and working in Vietnam;
  • To promote business ties between Vietnam, the United Kingdom and other countries for the mutual benefit of Members and their Vietnamese counterparts;
  • To distribute to Members useful and relevant social and welfare information about living in Vietnam;
  • To organise events for Members and others, in order to promote social and business contacts with each other and with the people of Vietnam; and
  • To undertake any other activities which are consistent with the Group’s objectives, within the laws of Vietnam, that benefits our members

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