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Charitable Programme Application Form
Internal procedures and guidelines to applicants
Completed Charity Projects
Current Charity Projects



One committee member will be appointed to oversee a charity project with the BBGV Secretariat

Following final approval from the Chapter Committee, The BBGV will enter into a contract with the project's  administrators. This contract will outline:

-          Funds approved and general purpose

-          Timing of funds disbursements

-          Reporting requirements, including any links between reporting and funds the of funds disbursements.

Proposal guidelines

Interested organisations should submit (at any time) a one-page outline of their activities for initial consideration by the Charitable Program Committee Member in their geographical area. If invited, they should then submit a formal application outlining their proposal in detail. The application form (as per attached) calls for detailed information on the use of the funding, including the project location, the problem, the proposed solution and its likelihood of sustainable success, who will implement the project, what will they will do, who are the beneficiaries are, and also the sources of existing funding, if any.

Expressions of interest from local agencies are welcome, but all communication with the BBGV must be in good English.

In general, the BBGV will not donate more then US$10,000 per project, and will not commit funds that are not covered by cash already available at the time of funding.

Program auditing and reporting

The appointed Charity Sub group committee member shall be responsible for project auditing and reporting to their Chapter Committee, and in the BBGV newsletter.

Projects will be funded progressively as per agreed contract, subject to receipt of appropriate documents evidencing the project progress of the project and the achievement of the goals set out in the application documents.


The BBGV office shall maintain a comprehensive Charitable Program file containing:

1. All outlines, proposals, applications and other correspondence received from charitable organisations.

2. All internal BBGV correspondence and notes relating to such correspondence.

3. All correspondence from BBGV to charitable organisations.

4. All contracts, entered into by BBGV with charitable organisations.

5. All audits and other reports/correspondence relating to disbursement of funds and implementation of projects.

6. Photos and other material evidencing to implementation of projects.

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