Tuesday, 06 Jun 2017

Getting your first ever website up and running can be considered a triumph. If you have had involvement in the design of content and decisions on which themes or plugins to use, then you will be looking forward to seeing how effective your website will be. A common mistake that people make when it comes to setting up a website is not putting enough consideration into the placement of your content. For example, where you put your contact details, a call to action; anything that may improve your sales.




Your call to action is going to be an important piece of content because it can turn a website visitor into a customer. If your call to action is too small or you have to scroll down the page to find it, then it isn’t going to be as effective as it would be if it were clearly displayed up at the top of your homepage. Take a look at the call to action on the website for the perfect example of a clear call to action. This site offers people who are learning to drive, the opportunity to take mock tests; the ‘select your mock test’ call to action button stands out and compels you to click it.


Other important content layout factors include where to place your logo and strapline. If this isn’t going into the header of your website, then you are missing an opportunity to get your brand across. It is also vital to have clear navigation buttons, as, without these, your visitors will soon get frustrated with your website.


It is estimated that people spend fewer than 15 seconds on a website. So, thinking about your own website, how much of your content would people be able to see in that period of time? Probably not a great deal, so you have to make sure that the content that they do see is your most important content. Therefore, you may want to have a slider or image displaying at the top of your homepage that summarizes your key services, products, offers, etc. You need to catch their attentions quickly, and your content needs to be good enough so that it makes people want to contact you straight away.


It is also important to make sure that your content is of good quality that is useful to the people who will form your target audience. So, if you are trying to increase the chances of people searching for your website, you should be creating content that they would typically be searching for. Create content that people need, and they are more likely to get to your website through the search engines.


Another mistake people sometimes make is not having the contact details somewhere clear on the homepage. A lot of sites have separate contacts pages, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put the number on the homepage as well. If people can’t find your contact details easily, then they will be searching your competitors instead.








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