Why do you need self-motivation? How do you maintain your motivational level at all time? What will you get when it becomes your habit?
Self-motivation is a force that comes within ourselves, an element that makes us want to be more devoted and hard-working. Self-motivation is always the key to uplift our spirits when we feel down, exhausted, or whenever we feel our goals are out of reach.
If you are contemplating on ways to apply self-motivation into practice, let’s take this opportunity to re-discover yourself!

Our Breakfast Seminar: “Why – How – What The golden circle of self-motivation” sponsored by TRG International has been held on 6th December 2017 at Chanh Bistro Rooftop Saigon, featuring the main speaker as Mr. Rick Yvanovich, FCMA CGMA FCPA MSc., Founder and CEO, TRG International, which attracted about 40 attendees.

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