How Can Charities Market on a Global Scale?


Friday, 16 Jun 2017

Giving Tuesday is a charitable holiday; with this British holiday expanding further afield, to the US, Canada, Australia and Vietnam. However, only 18% of people are aware of GT, which is shocking compared to the 93% of people aware of Black Friday.

A well-structured email campaign is one the best ways to spread your GT message; yet, many charities struggle to utilise this form of direct marketing. As a non-profit organisation, you will want to market your charity on a global level; ensuring people are aware of your campaign.

One of the best ways to market your charity globally is sending a personalised email to your pre-existing or prospective donors. A one size fits all message will only frustrate them, and marketers found that personalised emails produced a 760% increase in revenue. To generate such results, you will need to acquire clean data about your donors. Information such as donor’s interests, likes and dislikes; even birthdays, will create relevant, personalised content. Segmented campaigns will drive awareness and lessen donor frustrations caused by irrelevant emails.

Charities have a far better chance of becoming globally recognised by incorporating video into their emails. Video increases email open rates by 13%, and better conversions by 21%. Video is quick and effective; getting your cause, wants and needs across without the reader becoming distracted or tiresome of bulk text. Video saves time for both the sender and receiver, and can go viral, spreading your message like wildfire.

Get in front of your donors and tailor your emails so they can be opened on desktops, mobiles and tablets. Channel the Giving Tuesday message across the globe with these email marketing tips.