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Time : 18:30, 29th Mar 2017.

Venue: British Ambassador’s Residence.


Each year BBGV receives 40-50 MBA students at CASS Business School to Vietnam for a consultancy field trip. The students are professionals and managers in their 30’s and represent the best institutions in the City of London and other European business capitals. They are drawn from over 30 countries and different industries, working within the financial, corporate and public sectors. During their one-week stay in Hanoi,  they will be working with a diverse group of Vietnamese companies. This year, we have Vietnam Airlines, Le Bros, Viglacera, Maritime Bank, Vietcom Bank, Canifa, IDC Group, Hanoia and PYS join the program. 

BBGV takes this opportunity to host a reception to welcome CASS students and brings business leaders together.

*Participation is by invitation only. 

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