A company needs to repair the shaft bending failure of the turbine rotor of a thermal power unit.

You should be able to repair the intermediate-pressure turbine rotor of a 300 megawatt unit.

The selection methods are international open bidding and 1-stage 2 envelope bidding.

The documents will cost around £65.

The bid security is £34,000 by bank guarantee.

The bidding closing time is 8:30am on 21July 2018.

Vietnam is 7 hours ahead of GMT.

The implementation period is 80 days.

For more information about this tender, submit your company details to the British Business Group Vietnam (BBGV).

BBGV is our chosen partner to deliver trade services in Vietnam.

You should include profile details and a statement of capability.

All submissions will be reviewed and you will be notified of any potential next steps. You can only submit a proposal if you are a UK registered company.

Expiry date: 25 June, 2018








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